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Mental Health and Wellness Radio

Feb 20, 2013

Can’t seem to throw things away? Are you or someone you know living in an extremely cluttered environment? People who love WRAP, Wellness Recovery Action Plan, say you can use it for anything to better your life. That includes hoarding or severe collecting.

 In the next installment of our series about WRAP and the 2nd Annual WRAP Around the World Conference, we discuss severe cluttering, collecting and hoarding.

 Host Jenee Darden interviews Lee Shuer. He talks about his current journey to recovery from over-collecting. Lee is the Director of Mutual Support Services at ServiceNet in Northampton, Mass. He is also the co-author of a free facilitator’s guide for The Buried in Treasures Workshop.  

 To get a better idea of how the WRAP plan works for mental health, listen to our first show “What is WRAP?”